All the things an excavator does on land, we do subsea




We support the oil and gas industry with decommissioning of outdated production sites.

Seabed Solutions AS

Offshore Wind

We support offshore developers with time and cost efficient dredging and excavation services for successfull installation of offshore wind turbines and solar panels. 

Subsea Minerals

Deep-Sea Mining

We build and operate machines to enable sufficient supply of minerals to avoid the green shift not comming to a halt.

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Seabed Solutions AS

You also invest in the people behind the good ideas. We knew Christian Aas, and him being one of the owners had a positive impact on our decision.

Øyvind Mikalsen, CEO, Deep Ocean Group

Seabed Solutions AS

They are quiet, reliable and grounded. They don’t brag, but the things they are capable of, not many others can do.

Hans Petter Klohs, Chairman, Adepth Minerals