Innovative solutions for seabed intervention, exploration and decommissioning

Seabed Solutions AS

Offshore Wind

A world leading expert in the removal of soil, rock, bolting, cutting, cleaning services and other seabed intervention projects for offshore wind.


Oil & Gas

Industry leading knowledge and experience in seabed prepation, decommissioning and demolition of subsea installations.

Subsea Minerals

Subsea Mining

World leading expert in exploration and extraction of deep sea minerals through sustainable marine operations.

Seabed Solutions AS


Seabed Solutions teams up with the aquaculture industry to increase earnings and to support the industries environmental efforts.


Seabed Solutions deliver expertize, equipment and manpower to complex offshore projects world wide.


Seabed Solutions is an innovative company which have taken on the challenge of delivering more cost effective and environmental friendly solutions for subsea operations.


Highly competent, experienced and motivated personnel ensure effective project management handling.

Strong environmental focus

The ocean is the lifeline of the human race. We aim to keep it that way.