Through the development of subsea machines

we support the quest of the offshore developers to ensure a future powered by clean energy

Seabed Solutions builds subsea systems that get the job done, so offshore developers can create a future powered by green energy,  without the risk of equipment breakdown.

Our Mission

Through the development and operation of subsea dredging and excavation machines, we help offshore developers succeed in the quest to create a future powered by clean energy.


Our Focus

Every day we ask ourself.. Is this taking us in the direction of our goal.. if it ain’t .. we’ll course correct and get back on target.

Our Reputiation

We believe every problem bears with it the means to overcome it. Every situation has a solution. When you start acting, and stop letting the situation define the result, good things tend to happen. 

About Seabed Solutions

Seabed Solutions was established in 2015 by the same management team who over a decade built and brought the Norwegian subsea entrepreneuring company Scanmudring to its success; a company who dominated the seabed intervention market through the entire period of their leadership.

Seabed Solutions Management Team

Seabed Solutions AS

Christian Aas

Managing Director

Christian is former Managing Director of Scanmudring, and has held various senior operational management positions in both national and international companies within the offshore industry.

Christian is known for his management skills, and was early identified as a solutions oriented problemsolver.


Seabed Solutions AS

Niels-Henrik Brodtkorb

Business Development Manager

Niels-Henrik has held several senior management positions in both national and international offshore industry.

With more than 40 years of experience in seabed intervention from the harshest places on the planet, Niels-Henrik is concidered to be a highly valued asset not only for Seabed Solution, but for the seabed intervention industry in its whole.

Seabed Solutions AS

Bård Brekke Jørgensen

Chief Technical Manager

Bård has previously worked as R&D Manager and QHSE Manager positions in international recognized companies as Reef Subsea and Scanmudring.

Bårds trackrecord further include 25 years of various senior management positions in both national and international offshore industry. 

Bård is considered to be a world leading, technical authority in the field of seabed intervention.





Seabed Solutions AS

Andreas Svanlund

Sales and Marketing Manager

Andreas is a high achieving sales director with a strong track record from the defence industry. Andreas holds a masters degree in business administration (mba), which he has further reenforced with specialities within business development and strategy, brand management and communication.


Seabed Solutions AS

Jan Ivar Jensen

Supply Chain Manager

Jan Ivar has for more than 15 years made sure that seabed intervention operations all over the planet run smoothly.

When challenges arise, Jan Ivar knows how they can be dealth with in the most effective manner.


Seabed Solutions AS

Hans Petter Klohs

Executive Chairman of the Board

Entrepreneur with more than 20 years senior executive management experience as CEO and CFO from the energy space , shipping and real estate development. Extensive experience from business development and M&A/corporate finance with strong track record.