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Acquires another GTO Subsea Dredge System

Nov 21, 2022

Seabed Solutions AS

Written by andreas svanlund

To keep up with a growing demand from the offshore wind market Seabed Solutions acquires another GTO Subsea Dredge system.

Bård Brekke Jørgensen is Technical Director of Seabed Solutions and one of the founders of the company. For more than 20 years he has built high performing subsea dredging systems. The system he now has acquired is a system he previously competed against.

“The offshore wind market is growing, and to keep up with the fast increase in demand, acquiring this system was a simple choice”, Bård Brekke Jørgensen, Technical Director of Seabed Solutions states.

Jørgensen has his background as  Technical Director and R&D Manager for the subsea entrepreneuring companies,  Scanmudring and Reef Subsea. Now he’s one of the founders of Seabed Solutions.

Jørgensen has built more subsea excavators than anybody else in the world and even though he has a strong bond to subsea ecvatators, he still sometimes recomend other systems.



“Seabed Excavators have an advantage through their heavy platform”, Bård explains, “while a ROV’s hovers the excavation area and is subject to current and drag, a seabed excavator stand its ground and will be the preferred choice when precision dredging is required”.

Jørgsensen explains how the need for these precision dredgers grew out of the oil and gas industry, where they frequently were used to dredge around live oil and gas pipelines.

It started out with pure dredging operations, but the subsea excavators soon  proved to be a reliable tool for a wider range of subsea operations.

“Precision was one of our main advantages. The stability the excavators proved to be ideal as soon as something had to be drilled, bolted or cut on the seabed”.

Not all operations had to be performed with centimeter-precision. Sometimes soil, rock, and sediments just had to be moved from one place to another.

“We built several standalone dredging systems in Scanmudring as well, but within this segment we were not alone”, says Jørgsensen, “We had a good competitor in GTO, a Norwegian manufacturer of subsea dredges”.


Bård Brekke Jørgensen

“We built several subsea dredge systems in Scanmudring, but within this segment we were not alone.. we had a very good competitor in GTO”.

Bård Brekke Jørgensen,

Technical Director, Seabed Solutions


Subsea dredges are powerful machines for removal of soil, rocks and seabed sediments. 

“They work like a vaccum cleaner, but are much more powerfull”, says Jørgensen. 

The GTO dredge is a high performing subsea dredge capable of moving 130-260 ton of seabed mass per hour, depending on the conditions. 

The suction nossle is usually controlled by a ROV, but some customers still prefer to use divers. 

To get the most out of the subsea dredge, Jørgensen recomend using a ROV due to the power of the systems, this also allowes for the systems to be used at greater depths. 


Jørgensen is  pleased to have two of his former competitors systems in his portfolio.

“The Norwegian oil and gas industry has fostered a lot of good companies”, Jørgensen says, “many good people, and a wide range of high quality systems. Some of these companies are acquired by bigger companies, and lose momentum.  But now we have the machines, and we’ll put some fire behind it again. There sure is a need in the market”.

The offshore wind market is growing every day, and huge amounts of seabed soil has to be removed. A typical operation for the subsea dredge is burial of cables, but the dredges are also for preparation of jack-up sites.

The GTO systems will be available from Seabed Solutions along with highly experienced personnel. 

The people we have,  are the best in the business, Jørgensen says proudly. 

The guys we use, have many years of experience operating these machines. Some, more than 1000 days offshore experience doing subsea dredging operations. 

Jørgensen is clear on the importance of having the right people. 

The right people are allways the foundation of a successful operation, we provide both. 

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