Adepth Minerals – Deep Sea Mineral Partner

by Aug 8, 2021

Adepth Minerals

Founded in Bergen, Norway in 2020 by an experienced team from the geoscience and subsea operations community, Adepth Minerals have taken on the task to find and extract commercial deep sea minerals through sustainable marine operations.

With their leading experitise, Adepth Minerals has been an active participant in impact assessment program for mineral extraction activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.


Big data and artificial intelligence

Adepth Minerals has developed a digital platform for efficient and traceable handling of all available data related to exploration and extraction of deep sea minerals. Through their digital platform the company is able perform accurate deposits resource estimation and to reduce uncertainty in all areas related to exploration and extraction of marine minerals.


Equipment for exploration of marine minerals

Adepth Minerals has teamed up with some of the most innovative and experienced subsea specialist in Norway to develope state-of-the-art equipment for deep sea mineral exploration.

The aim is minimize the direct seabed footprint and to avoid habitat removal bythe integration of new technology. This new technology will limit noise, vibration and changes in light conditions, in order to maintain a sustainable and healthy environment for the marine species.


The team behind Adepth Minerals

CEO and co-founder of Adepth Minerals is Dr. Anette Broch Mathisen. Mathisen is a structural geologist with 10 years experience from the Norwegian continental shelf and Santos Basin, Brasil. 

With her on the Adepth Mineral team she has Dr. Bjarte Hellevang, Werner Svellingen, Lars-Kristian Lunde Trellevik and Alden Denny. All internationally recognized as world leading experts in the field.

The owners

Deep Ocean Group is the majority stakeholder in Adepth Minerals. Deep Ocean is a world-leading ocean service provider, enabling the energy transition and sustainable use of offshore resources with a strong focus on digitally enabled, remote and unmanned low carbon operations. With more than 50 ROVs and trenchers and in-house tool manufacturing combined with industry leading engineering and project management competence Deep Ocean Group delivers unique value to Adepth and to the subsea mining community.

Seabed Solutions owns a together with the entrepreneurs a considerable part of Adepth Minerals.