New Sales and Marketing Manager

by Aug 8, 2021

Andreas Svanlund

Andreas Svanlund to join the Seabed Solutions team


Welcome onboard

We are excited to welcome Andreas Svanlund on our team. His first day is Wednesday September 1 st.

Dear Andreas,

We are pleased to have you working for us. Your drive, enthusiasm and skills will be important for us in this next phase of the company.

Seabed Solutions is at an very exciting stage. We are prepared for growth and ready to take on new challenges within subsea mining and offshore wind. We hope working for a sustainable and a more climate neutral future will feel both meaningful, rewarding and challenging.

Seabed Solutions will do what we can to support you. We will build a strong network around you, in order for you to grow into an outstanding employee, that not just generate revenue in a complex market, but an employee that exhibits a high level of care, concern and compassion for others.

I believe the keys to your success at Seabed Solutions is to always stay open, pay attention and follow-through on your projects.

I want you to stay flexible and continue to absorb knowledge from the environment around you.

You will have a very strong and experienced team to support your efforts. They have all been selected because they are the best at what they do. Never be afraid to ask for help. We will be there for you.

Christian Aas

Managing Director, Seabed Solutions AS


Andreas Svanlund – Background and experience

After spending the last ten years making sure military special forces units and police counter terrorism units are properly equipped to execute their missions, Andreas will now contribute in the solving of a different kind of special operations.

Norwegian Maritime Defence Technology

Before joining the Seabed Solutions team Andreas Svanlund was the Sales Director of H. Henriksen AS. A Norwegian company known to manufacturer some the worlds best launch and recovery systems for both manned and unmanned boats. The company have for more than 20 years been the manufacturer of the Stinger system used for launch and recovery of the Kongsberg Maritime Hugin.

H. Henriksen is also the selected partner of the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment for the development of the Royal Norwegian Navy’s future systems for manned and unmanned minehunt and the world leading manufacturer of rapid entering and boarding systems for military and police special operations.

Motivation and personal drivers

Andreas most valued skill is his ability to identify and act on the factors that prevents a company to move from their current situation to the desired future environment.

“Neither the current situation or the future desired endstate are static in nature. Dependant on acquired knowledge, composition of the team, the competetion in the market and gathered intelligence, both the nature of the current state and the desired endstate will continuously change. Change is a good thing and will always lead to new opportunities.  Finding and identifying the factors that make goals achieveable is what drives me”, Andreas says.

At Seabed Solutions we look forward to take on new challenges together.