4 Ton Subsea Clamshell Grab

The 4Te Clamshell Grab is a versitile subsea tool that can be used for decommissioning projects and survey/debris clearance operations. The Clamshell Grab is commonly used for lifting and moving various material and equipment found subsea such as gravel, sand, grout bags, drill cuttings and general smaller debris.

The Clamshell Grab can be powered from topside control with a downline umbilical or powered directly from a work class ROV via the 2-port leak free 35mm hot stab.

The Clamshell Grab is suitable for all coarse and bulky materials. With one single lifting point and a bucket that turns 360 degrees independent of the lifting point the clamshell grab is a perferred tool for a wide range of subsea operations.

4 ton subsea clamshell grab

Arm Capacity



# Arms

Hydraulic Interface


0,75 m3

4000 kg

1000 kg


2 Port Female Blue Logic 35mm c/W check valves

180 – 210 bar


Height Open (B)

Height Closed (A)

Width Open (D)

Width Closed (C)

Load/Position Holding – Hydraulic Valves

20- 40 l/min

1850 mm

2300 mm

1550 mm

1300 mm

Cross Port PO Check Valve SUN CKCD XCN-YET/Cartridge CKCD XCN