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May 24, 2022

Claxton AS signs collaboration agreement with Seabed Solutions

Seabed Solutions AS

Written by andreas svanlund

24 May, 2022 – Claxton, a brand in marine energy and infrastructure services company Acteon, has signed a collaboration agreement with Norwegian-based supplier Seabed Solutions to add value to decommissioning projects, helping operators fulfil their obligation to return subsea sites to their natural state.

The partnership simplifies procurement, increases project execution efficiency and reduces costs for infrastructure owners by offering a wider range of dredging, excavation, cutting and decommissioning equipment and services through one contract, a single interface and by using a combined offshore crew.

Claxton, which sits in Acteon’s Energy Services division, and Seabed Solutions have extensive subsea experience, respectively. Claxton has had an operational presence in Norway for over nine years and expanded its base in 2019 to meet industry demand. Seabed Solutions was established in 2015 by a management team which has decades of experience leading the Norwegian seabed intervention market.

Seabed Solutions AS

As more and more oil and gas installations are getting close to the end of their economic and productive life, the demand for decommissioning services increases. This partnership means that the owners of the outdated installations can get the entire scope of decommissioning services on the same contract

Christian Aas,

MD, Seabed Solutions


Claxton is excited about the partnership, which will allow us to explore synergies to enhance our client offerings and methodologies to drive growth,” adds Nick Marriott, Claxton General Manager, Norway. “Offering integrated services through one contract and a single interface, and with collegial crew use, will help to increase procurement and project execution efficiency.”

About Acteon

Acteon provides specialist engineering, services and technology to companies who develop and own marine infrastructure across the life of their assets. We enable our customers to achieve their operational goals with a more efficient integrated solution: reducing the cost and carbon footprint through value engineering without compromising the quality of delivery.

This is achieved by applying our domain expertise to increase efficiencies and enhance commercial and environmental value for our customers across the renewable, nearshore construction and oil and gas industries.

We specialise in data collection and survey techniques ahead of construction, the installation of key foundation and anchoring technologies, the monitoring and management of assets and the decommissioning of assets.

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Seabed Solutions AS
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