Subsea Baskets

Safe launch and recovery of subsea assets

Subsea baskets are used for launch, recovery and relocation of assets found subsea. 

The Seabed Solutions subsea baskets are used both as an aid in ROV operations and to take heavy lifts from small or large depths.


Key features of Seabed Solutions subsea baskets: 

  • Removable grab rails
  • Internal tie-down point
  • External tag line /tugger point
  • ROV operatable door lock
  • Unlimited depth rate
  • Forklift pockets
subsea baskets

Technical Specifications of our subsea baskets


Manufacturer: STS

Certification: DNV 2.7-3

Deployment: Client supplied vessel crane

Depth Rating: Unlimited


5.0 Ton

7.5 Ton

15 Ton


3400 mm

3700 mm

10500 mm


3400 mm

3400 mm

2560 mm


1300 mm

1445 mm

1670 mm


2.2 Ton

2.5 Ton

5.5 Ton


7.2 Ton

10.0 Ton

20.5 Ton

Several other subsea baskets are available on request.