Other tooling

Seabed Soluiotns owns and operated a large range of tools used when executing the projects, such as a number of slurry/dredging pumps, work boats, dredge hoses and pipes and equipment requiered in a system for relocating slurries from dredging site to dewatering or deposit areas.  

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The SCV is designed to perform an accurate selective dredging of seabed sediments to avoid disturbing installation on the seabed. During operation, the SCV do not pollute the water column or surroundings due to special designed vacuum systems that prevent spread of sediments into the water column. 

The RaMona II multipurpose dredging vessel operates and handle most tasks in shallow waters within environmental clean-up projects, in a fast and productive way. The unit is designed for easy mobilisation and demobilisation regarding access to water. It is easy to operate, well equipped and health & safety are well provided for.