Seabed Excavator

Our Subsea Excavator is the most powerful (380kW), multipurpose subsea tool carrier and dredging vehicle of its kind, and it is capable of working at 3000m (optional 4000m) water depth.

Working areas for the Seabed Excavator:

  • Excavating and dredging
  • Decommissioning
  • Removal/relocation of drill cutting and rock dumping
  • Loading of cargo into baskets
  • Removal and recovery of subsea structures
  • Cutting and grinding
  • Handling of cargo from ship wrecks
  • Seabed and core sampling
  • Spud can operations
  • Scour protections

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Seabed Excavator

The system is operated by Seabed Solutions in the seabed intervention markets. It is a stand-alone system, can be equipped with a range of special tools and may be operated from most offshore vessels or at larger barges.