Our QHSE Policy

Seabed Solution shall be a technology driven provider of time and cost-effective projects and services with a clear green profile.

Seabed Solutions shall be a company which through a systematic approach performs and is recognised by a high standard within health, safety, environment, ethics and quality and social responsibility. We commits our self to continuously contribute to improve our QHSE processes in order to achieve so.

Our superior goals for the work related to QHSE is

  • Meeting all customers' requirements and expectations to our provided services and products
  • A zero-harm philosophy towards damages and loss shall be achieved through a preventive approach to work in order to protect life, health, assets and the environment.

QHSE standards and certifications

Seabed Solutions’ Business Management and internal QHSE control System (BMS) is based on the following overall standards and requirements:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001

Project specific requirements will be implemented when needed where the Company’s standard internal system is not found to meet Customer requirements adequately.


Seabed Solutions is awarded a Certificate of Qualification and is registered in Achilles with Id: 66128.