The deep-sea is challenging. We know. We’ve been there.

Ever since the first excavator was used in an offshore operation in 2001 our team has been involved. Not only in the design and construction phase, but through the entire operation.

Our operational experience, gained through thousands of hours operating seabed excavators and other seabed machinery on the seabed, is transfered in the the development of new machines.

Few companies are able to implement operational knowlegde into the design of their new machines, something which has led to our equipment having the highest success rate and lowest downtime on the market.

The development of  deep-sea mining and mineral exploration machines is another step in our evolutionary chain, but builds on decades of experience. 

  • First offshore excavator 2002
  • First drumcutter 2003
  • First subsea excavating monitoring system 2003
  • First subsea drill unit 2005
  • First sediment plum study 2005
  • First accoustic noise level study 2006
  • First subsea crawler with hotstab powering 2007
  • First marine mineral study 2013
  • Founding Adepth Minerals 2020
  • Development of FlexiCore for deep sea coredrilling 2022
  • ++

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