An Obvious Offshore Wind Partner


With unique experience and highly qualified personnel, Seabed Solutions is an obvious selection when there is a need for a seabed intervention specialist in offshore wind projects.

Seabed Solutions combine the intelligence, instinct and judgement, acquired through decades of performing seabed intervention operations in the North Sea with efficient and high performing equipment.

With a specialized pool of efficient subsea equipment, we provide the offshore wind industry with solutions from shallow water to the deepest offshore sites.

Geotechnical Subsurface Exploration in Offshore Wind Projects

Geotechnical investingations is an essential component in every offshore project to ensure safety of both people and assets.

With our equipment we can safely deliver core samples with minimal disturbances and provide accurate data of sub-seabed ground confitions.

Drilling and bolting of Offshore Windmills

The Seabed Excavator is multipurpose tool carrier able to bolt and secure wind turbines and generators directly to the seabed with the same accuracy, precision and strength as on land.

Removing obsticals

With the use of state-of-the-art equipment rocks and soil can be removed with high precision and efficiency.

Cable burial/de-burial on Offshore Windfarms

Seabed Solutions has executed several cable de-burial/burial projects. Our team of experts have a long history of North Sea projects and the expertize to overcome the challenges of the globe’s most hostile environment.

Dredging, grinding, bolting and cutting

Seabed Solutions perform soil and seabed preparations, cutting, bolting, grinding and cleaning – resulting in increased savings for the customer.

Strong Current

Offshore windfarm locations is often subject to strong current. The Seabed Excavator is built to handle these challenges and is not affected by the current, which ensures a safer and more efficient operation.