Seabed Excavator – Typical Operations

by Aug 12, 2021

Seabed excavations using the seabed excavator

Typical operations of the Seabed Excavator 


Offshore Wind

  • Deburial of caples for inspection and repair
  • Levelling of seabed and rock dump prior to installation of fundations
  • Removal of obsticals (boulders/UXO etc)
  • Drilling and bolting to rock
Seabed Excavator in offshore wind projects
Seabed Core drilling

Seabed Minerals

  • Core sampling of deep sea areas for mineral exploration
  • Core samples 20 – 100 meters below seabed
  • Operation includes coresampling of seabed and data collection


  • Inspection
  • Removal of polluted sediments
  • Installation of rock bolts
Sediments removal seabed excavator
Seabed Excator decommissioning


  • Dredging around platform legs prior to cutting and removal of jackets
  • Removal of debris, obstacles and grouting
  • Removal of drillcuttings