Supporting the efforts of offshore developers

To meet the needs of the green energy transition we have in our portfolio the only excavator in the world capable of operating at 4000 meters depth. 

In addition to subsea dredging and excavations, the Seabed Excavator is well suited for deep sea mineral exploration, and recovery of equipment from shipwrecks. With its ability for changing tools on the seabed without recovery, its the most efficient deep water multitool platfom on the market today. 

The Seabed Excavator is the only subsea excavator in the world with a track record which includes one week of continuous operation at 3200 meters depth.  

Typical operations

> Dredging and excavation

> Rock dump removal

> Drill cut removal

> Cutting and grinding

> Scour protection

> Handling of cargo from ship wrecks

Seabed Excavator with dredging system

Tooling Interface

  • Jetting nozzle: 10 bar at 3400 LPM, 7 bar at 6000 LPM
  • 360 degrees rotor on boom for tooling operations
  • Drum Cutter
  • Drill Rig
  • Diamond Wire Cutter
  • Circular Saw
  • 3-in-1 bucket
  • Dredging Nozzle
  • Normal Scoop Bucket
  • Quick connector for tool swapping subsea
  • Additional tooling: clay cutter, levelling tools and claws

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