The world most powerful seabed excavator


The Seabed Excavator is the most powerful, multipurpose subsea tool carrier and dredging vehicle of its kind and capable of working down to 4000 meters water depth.

Seabed Excavator – Raising the bar

With its proven technology the Seabed Excavator sets a new standard for underwater efficiency and safety for subsea excavating operations.

A true multipurpose platform

The main roles of the Seabed Excavator are: excavating & dredging, decommissioning, removal/relocation of drill cutting and rock dump, removal and recovery of subsea structures, cutting and grinding, handling of cargo from ship wrecks, seabed sampling, spud can operations, subsea well drill centres and scour protections. 

Focus on the environment

The excavator is an electric multitool platform. The technology ensures no oil spill or fluid leakage. The rubber belts and compact size leaves a minimal environmental footprint.  

State of the art equipment

The Seabed Excavator uses hardware and software from a Perry Slingsby XLX ROV, combined with Kaiser Excavator body, to make a robust and versatile subsea system.

The dredging system, is amongst the most reliable and efficient in the market, and is manufactured with minimal parts to increase operational dependability.

This subsea excavator is capable of removing up to 450 ton  of seabed sediments per hour through the ejectors.

Tooling Interface

  • Jetting nozzle: 10 bar at 3400 LPM, 7 bar at 6000 LPM
  • 360 degrees rotor on boom for tooling operations
  • Drum Cutter
  • Drill Rig
  • Diamond Wire Cutter
  • Circular Saw
  • 3-in-1 bucket
  • Dredging Nozzle
  • Normal Scoop Bucket
  • Quick connector for tool swapping subsea
  • Additional tooling: clay cutter, levelling tools and claws

Compact and proven

The control room, workshop and power control system are each housed in an individual 20” container. 


Seabed Excavator
Seabed Excavator