Efficient Decommissioning and Seabed Intervention Operations

At Seabed Solutions we efficiently plan and execute a wide range of decommissioning operations. We have extensive experience in removal of external steel on GBS structures, subsea cutting, drill cut relocations, lifting and preparatory subsea operations.

Expert provider of  decommissioning services

Over several decades our team have gathered extensive experience  in seabed intervention operations and decommissioning projects in the North Sea.

By combining intelligence and experience with the most efficient equipment on the market, Seabed Solutions has become a preferred partner for several key players in the European offshore segment.

Seabed Solutions has the know-how, the equipment and the experience to take on the most challenging seabed intervention and decommisioning projects.



Subsea dredge

The Seabed Subsea Dredge is a state-of-the-art remotely operated dredging system for subsea excavation and efficient removal of subsea gravel and sediments up to 230 mm.

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Subsea dredge for soil an rock removal

Seabed Excavator

The main roles of the Seabed Excavator are: excavating & dredging, decommissioning, removal/relocation of drill cutting and rock dump, removal and recovery of subsea structures, cutting and grinding, handling of cargo from ship wrecks, seabed sampling, spud can operations, subsea well drill centres and scour protections. 

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Seabed Excavator during preparations in Norway