When offshore contractors decommission outdated oil and gas fields

our dredging and excavation capabilities help them bring the site back to its original state

Decommissioning of outdated oil and gas production sites

A number of oil production fields are now in a mature phase and have produced a large proportion of their original reserves. 

After shutdown the facilities must be removed in their entirety. This important job is done by large offshore contractors. When subsea dredging and excavation is required, Seabed Solutions provide the offshore contractors with superior experience and reliable subsea machines, that allows them to get the job done in an effective manner. 

Subsea dredge

The Seabed Subsea Dredge is a state-of-the-art remotely operated dredging system for subsea excavation and efficient removal of subsea gravel and sediments up to 230 mm.

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Subsea dredge for soil an rock removal

Seabed Excavator

The main roles of the Seabed Excavator are: excavating & dredging, decommissioning, removal/relocation of drill cutting and rock dump, removal and recovery of subsea structures, cutting and grinding, handling of cargo from ship wrecks, seabed sampling, spud can operations, subsea well drill centres and scour protections. 

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Seabed Excavator during preparations in Norway