Extensive experience in subsea cable burial and de-burial


To ensure pipeline pipeline and cable stability and protection trenching is needed. After the pipe or cable installation is in the trench, gravel, rock or concrete mass can be placed on top of the pipline.

For more than four decades our experts has performed subsea cable burial and de-burial projects in the North Sea making our team member some of the competency leaders in the industry.

Underwater cable burial and de-burial

Subsea cables and pipelines are subject to vibration and currents. To ensure optimal stability and protection trenching and construction of rock beds can be required. 

Extensive subsea trenching and rock bed experience

Seabed Solutions has extensive experience in the laying, burial and recovery of submarine cables.

By combining the intelligence, instinct and judgement of some of the most experienced experts in the field with the strength, precision and endurance of equipment capable of executing subsea operations down to 4000 meters water depth, Seabed Solutions can take on the most challenging  cable burial and de-burial projects in a highly efficient and cost effective manner.

Cable burial