High efficiency, no depth limitation  Subsea Dredge

Subsea excavation and sediment disposal

The Seabed Subsea Dredge is a state-of-the-art remotely operated dredging system for subsea excavation and efficient removal of subsea gravel and sediments up to 230 mm.

The dredging system can be utilized for excavating underground pipelines, salvage and other similar offshore applications where large amounts of soil removal is required.

Easy to use subsea dredge

The system is an easy to and requires very little ship deck space and sea fastening. The Subsea Dredge is packed in packed in a single container prepared for air freight and have a short lead time for deliveries around the world.

Electrically powered and highly efficient

The dredge is electrically powered and drives a high-flow, low pressure seawater pump through a venturi system. It runs with an effect of 235 kW and has been equipped with ejector based-dredge system from 8-16”. The system can also be equipped with water jetting on the suction head if disintegration og hard materials is required.

Remotely controlled and maneuvered

A work-class ROV accompanies the dredge system and manipulates the dredge pick-up.


Subsea Dredge