10 Ton Vantec Subsea Grab

Versitile Subsea Grab For Offshore lifting Operations

The 10 Ton Vantec Subsea Grab is a versitile tool that can be used for decommissioning projects and survey/debris clearance operations.

The 10 Ton Vantec Subsea Grab is commonly used for lifting and moving various materials and equipment found on the seabed floor. This grab is well suited for moving boulders, pipelines, umblicals, grout bags, mattresses and general debris.

The grapple can be powered from topside control with a downline umbilical or powered from ROV using hot stab connection.

The single point lift makes it easy to use and the individually controlled arms ensure a secure grip on even the bulkiest material.

The tool has vertical and horisontal grab handles for ROV and divers.

Topside or ROV control options are available vi 35mm Blue Logic 2 Port stab. Tool is supplied as standard with whips and industry standard 3/4” Wing type Q.D. Couplings.

Subsea Grab

Technical Specifications of the 10 Ton Vantec Subsea Grab

Arm Capacity



# Arms

Hydraulic Interface


3.0 m3

10.000 kg

3800 kg


2 Port Female Blue Logic 35mm C/W check valves

210 bar


Height Open (B)

Height Closed (A)

Width Open (D)

Width Closed (C)

Transportation Base Dimensions

40 – 80 l/min

2700 mm

3360 mm

4180 mm

2360 mm

2756 mm x 2400 mm x 3200 mm x 4800 kg (inc grab)

(F) = 400 mm

Subsea Grab Drawings