Subsea Grab with 20 Ton Lifting Capacity

Subsea Grab for Heavy Offshore Lifting Operations

The 20 Ton Subsea Grab is a robust tool for heavy offshore lifting operations. This grab is commonly used for lifting and moving of heavy objects, equipment and materials found subsea.

The 20 Ton Subsea Grab is especially well suited for lifting and moving boulders, piplines, mattresses, grout bags and umbilicals, but can also be used for lifting and moving general debris. 

The grapple is easy to use with and has a single lifting point. The hydraulic arms are individually driven to ensure secure lifting of even the bulkiest material. 

The grapple can be powered from topside control with a downline umbilical or powered from ROV using hot stab connection.Topside or ROV control options are available via 43 mm Blue Logic 2 Port Stab.

Tool supplied as standard with whips and industry standard 3/4 Wing Type Q.D. Couplings. 

Subsea Grab

Technical Specification of the 20 Ton Subsea Grab

Arm Capacity



# Arms

Pressure/Hose Size & Length

Lifting Shackle Size

5.0 m3

20.000 kg

7200 kg


210 bar 3/4” R2AT @ 3000 m

55 Ton

Flow/counter balance valves

Height Open (B)

Height Closed (A)

Width Open (D)

Width Closed (C)

Load/Position Holding – Hydraulic Valves

50 – 90 l/min

3000 mm

3890 mm

5000 mm

3100 mm

Cross Port PO Check Valve SUN CKCD XCN-YET/Cartridge CKCD XCN

(F) = 630 mm

Subsea Grab Drawing