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Subsea Mining

“A low-carbon future will be mineral intensive as clean energy technologies need more materials than fossil-fuel-based electricity generation technologies”

 – World Bank

“The transition to a more climate neutral economy is expected generate a doubling of installed wind power, 4 times as many solar parks and 40 times higher production of electric cars by 2030”


Subsea mining – the key to a net-zero future

Subsea mining and the utilization of submarine mineral deposits is an important key if the world is to realize the green measures recommended by IEA. This is because all the electrification that is a part of the green shift requires minerals in enormous amounts.


A rapid shift away from fossil fuels

Net zero means huge declines in the use of coal, oil and gas. According to IEA 70% of all electricity production in 2050 will be solar and wind-based. With todays’s technology, we must by 2030 at the latest, put into operation a solar park as large as the largest the world has now – a park of 56000 acres – every day.

In addition, it is expected that the demand for electric cars, with associated batteries, will 18-fold between 2020 and 2030.

This will trigger a huge need for minerals.. and the largest deposits are found subsea.