Subsea rock bolting and drilling


At Seabed Solutions we look back to see what we did well and look forward to see what we can improve. 


A quest for continuous improvement

Our team of experts have spent their entire adult life searching for ways to perform subsea operations as efficient and safe as possible. Before breaking loose they all  had managing position within leading seabed intervention companies. Deeply anchored within us is a core drive to continuous become better at what we do. This core drive for improvement has lead to several new and interesting partnership, which again has resulted in new ways to deal with old challenges. 

Onshore bolting operations

At Seabed Solutions we have extensive experience in pipeline stabilisation and subsea rock bolting and drilling. Instead of being satisfied our expert team formed a cooperation with partners with leading expertise and experience in onshore bolting operations. By using well proven onshore drilling accessories on the Seabed Excavator, Seabed Solutions can execute subsea rock bolting more efficiently at a lower cost to the customer. 

Subsea Rock Bolting with The Seabed Excavator

The Seabed Excavator can be equipped with drilling equipment for subsea rock bolting and drilling. The Seabed Excavator is set up several lights and cameras in addition to a machine control system. THis provide the operator with a unique overview of  the remotely controlled operation.

With the Seabed Excavator capable of performing operations down to 4000 meters depth, the equipment can be used from shallow water to ultra-deep water depths. 

Mono-pile bolting to bedrock

The new Seabed Solutions subsea rock bolting technology enables the offshore industry to think new. 

With the Seabed Excavator mono-piles can be bolted to bedrock, which can allow for new areas to be utilised for wind farms in a cost-effective way without the use of suction anchors or gravity bases. 

Securing subsea pipelines to bedrock

The new subsea rock bolting techniques allow for a more efficient and safe way to secure pipelines directly to the ground. Safe and secure pipeline anchoring to bedrock reduce the need for seabed levelling and rock dumps, allowing for new pipeline routes to be considered. 


Subsea Rock Bolting