Offshore developers have taken on the quest provide the world with clean energy


We support the energy transition  by providing time saving subsea dredging and excavation services

We build and operate powerful subsea machines

Wind turbines, solar panels, electricity transmission and distribution lines are all essential to move us in the direction of a more sustainable energy system, and to avoid severe impacts from a changing climate.

Our customers have taken on the challenge to restore balance, and to ensure the well-being of future generations.

There will be challenges, but humanity have proved it before. With every problem comes the means to overcome it.

Our services

Whenever something is digged, trenched, lifted, constructed, mined or demolished, and excavator is there.

If the problem was on land, and an excavator would have solved it.. that is the service we provide subsea. 

Ever since the first subsea excavator was used offshore, our personnel have solved complex underwater operations. We know what’s at stake and will take you safely through the entire execution process.

Seabed Solutions builds subsea systems that get the job done, so offshore developers can create a future powered by green energy, without the risk of  equipment breakdown. 

Our ability to complete complex tasks to a high standard, within the desired time frame and budget, is the reason for our customers to return with new projects to solve.