When the future is at stake downtime is not an option

We help offshore developers accellerate the green energy transition with superior experience and subsea dredging and excavation equipment

Accellerating in the right direction

Our society has to move faster towards a net-zero future. Climate change present a fundamental, shared challenge to our industry and to our society. We all play an important role. At Seabed Solutions we aim to become the leading seabed entrepreneur within the sustainable energy segment. 

Our contribution to a more sustainable future:

  • We take on projects to restore, maintain and enhance biodiversity around existing oil and gas operating sites.
  • We take on biodiversity restoration projects at closed oil and gas operation sites.
  • Together with our partner Adepth Minerals we are playing an important role in powering the broad-based structural transition to a more climate neutral economy, through sustainable exploration and extraction of deep sea minerals, required in the production of renewable energy.
  • We actively participate in the global energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems to renewable energy sources.

Subsea mining and offshore wind


We take the offshore experience out of the box


The increased demand for electricity from renewable energy sources, has opened a large box of opportunities for Seabed Solutions. With decades of seabed intervention experience gathered from the North Sea, we have transitioned into the the renewable energy sector. Our primarily focus is on offshore wind, both bottom-fixed and floating, but we are also deeply involved with exploration and extraction of deep sea minerals (copper, Zink and Cobalt). These minerals are crucial enablers for the tranisition to a more climate neutral economy.

Ocean Cleanup


Restoring biodiversity at closed offshore oil and gas operation sites


Thousands of offshore oil and gas structures are approaching the end of their operating life. The presence of an old platform alters the ecosystem from what which existed proper to the installation of the platform. At Seabed Solutions we decommision offshore platforms that are no longer active and bring the seabed back to its original state and lay the foundation for a full biodiversity recovery.