Our sustainability mindset

At Seabed Solutions we have a zero harm philosophy towards damages to health, assets and the environment. Our aim is to make a positive impact through our actions and to restore, maintain and enhance biodiversity where we work. It’s in our sustainability mindset to take on projects to enhance biodiversity around existing operating sites and biodiversity restoration projects to closed operation sites. In our decommissioning projects we pay particular attention to how we can reuse, recycle or appropriately dispose of materials.

Taking the challenge

It is in our nature to set high goals. If reaching a goal was easy, the goal just wasn’t sat high enough.

Change is made by the people who step out of the box and reach for something bigger.


The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is the blueprint for achieving a happier and healthier world by 2030.

The SDG provides an opportunity for all of us to better “walk the talk” and guides and encourages us to life more sustainable at work and at home by changing our consumtion patterns, using active transport such as cycling, and buying local food. Like in sports, big wins are not the result of one practice, but the result of a repeating and contiuous practice. Every little step helps.

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UN Sustainability goals